OK so it’s midnight and it’s possible that I am obsessing a little, but I just finished all the maps and primered the part of the pop-up I intend to paint. How lucky is it that the falling-apart Rand McNally atlas pages Jeff gave me are the EXACT SIZE of the inset on some of the cupboard doors? I lined them up so at least the bottom edge and one side got the ABC-123 grid numbers for a border. On a couple of wider ones I used a full page and then a strip of “city detail inset” maps to fill the gap. The smaller ones were easily cut down.

I was going to pick places we’ve lived, places I have traveled, but in the end I chose for a nice mix of colors and patterns. If I needed more greens I went to Canada, more blues, the Great Lakes… a little yellow in the deserts…

I need to go to bed and stop for a while. I hope the fabric patch arrives tomorrow. IMG_0447


The pop up isn’t as bad as some — it’s pretty 1990 but not in a hunting-camp, earth-toney way. I had seen adorable camper mods on pinterest that went all 50s, black and white checkerboard tiles and vintage kitchen curtains, linoleum countertops and a felix-the-cat clock.. but mine isn’t a retro vintage metal camper, it’s a tent trailer, and so not 50s. If it were truly just me and I would never family-camp in it again. I might go all gypsy caravan with India batiks and pillows and fringe. But mostly I want to make it peaceful and quiet and bright.

So this morning (Sunday) after packing the teen girl child off to scout camp, I made a color decision. I had been thinking of saffron-yellow curtains, since the light wakes you in the morning and it’s a cheery color — and since the three-cycled curtains I am using are off white and a little grubby looking. I thought maybe teal, maybe one of the blues like on watery parts of a map or the globe — then HEY! Why not mod-podge actual maps to the cupboard doors, and then choose colors based on the maps? Some of my kitchen cupboards have maps and old book texts on them, and I once did our whole bathroom wallpaper in National Geographic maps. It’s a thing with me.

So I painted trim in a mappy blue on the primered doors. Then I started podging maps. IMG_0441[1] IMG_0442[1]

A blogger on the interwebs recommended a TSP type cleaner (I got phosphate free) and Zinnser primer. I got both. I used rubber gloves and a sponge to wash down the cupboard and drawer fronts, and the empty supports inside the pop uptact paper on metal.  (a mix of laminate on particle board, laminate on plywood, and contact paper on metal.. The can of primer just barely made it but I managed to spray all the cupboards and drawers on Saturday, and left them overnight to dry. IMG_0432[1] IMG_0433[1]

IMG_0341[1] IMG_0342[1]

Friday night: I took down the musty curtains, dragged the mattresses out into the sun, emptied cupboards and drawers and then took the doors off and drawers out. The whole thing needs a good wipedown and the canvas needs a salt-water-lemon-juice sponging to stop any mildewy smells… the windows are all open, and it’s just a matter of finding time for the next steps. I put my art fair EZ-up out on the lawn and stored all the cushions and parts underneath it, in case of rain.

My 1990 Coleman Sequoia is my favorite toy. I bought it second hand for a song, to avoid paying hotel and restaurant rates when I traveled with hubby and three kids, or went out of town for a pottery workshop or street fair. It’s like a portable treehouse, a secret clubhouse in a rolling box that tags along behind my van on adventures. It’s a tent that isn’t miserable in rain and mud, with big screened sides but a coffee pot and real mattress for my middle aged back after a day on my feet (and in my bodice) hawking my wares at renfaire.   It backs like a dream, into tent sites far fro the RVS with their AC units and satellite dishes — so  it still feels like camping. And as a mom and studio manager with a lot of people in my face from day to day, I don’t hate having it all to myself when those renfaire weekends roll around — especially with a cell phone at my side to keep me from worrying about what’s going on with my peeps.

This year, though, when I opened it up I discovered the mice had invaded my club house over the winter. They chewed two big holes in the canvas bed-ends. I guess I should be grateful… I had been pinning ideas to my “camper mod” pinterest board for a long time but never felt motivated to do much beyond changing the curtains. But now, it’s ON. IMG_0339[1]

 Pumpkin Pie Sale   <—  click for flyer with details!

My amazing Girl Scouts are raising funds for summer adventures by baking and selling pumpkin pies to local folks. If you’d like to support the troop but live too far away to pick up a pie, you could send us a check ($8 per pie!) and the girls will bake your pies, then deliver them on Thanksgiving to several area soup kitchens and charitable organizations offering free Thanksgiving dinners to folks in need. We need your check by November 22, made out to:

Girl Scout Troop  407 — attention Molly Savino — 5714 Dennison Rd, Toledo, Ohio 43615.  Thanks!375601_570643919652816_626617757_n

Make 22: mug demos for my guild class.

Demonstrated slip trailing (the bumpy one), agate wear (two colors at once, the green one) and a handbuilt textured slab mug printed with one of those long dogtag chains..

Make 21: I carved a cityscape rolling stamp, and tried it out here.

When I went to Chicago or NYC as a kid I was fascinated with the bristling tv antennas on the tops of tall buildings. They are gone now…

Handle demo: Make 20

College class is making cups, so I demoed three handles — a pulled one, a coiled one and a hybrid.

Make 19: recycling K cups

Started onions, kale and chard under lights in recycled keurig coffee cups. the bottoms are already pierced and they are great to write on.