OK so it’s midnight and it’s possible that I am obsessing a little, but I just finished all the maps and primered the part of the pop-up I intend to paint. How lucky is it that the falling-apart Rand McNally atlas pages Jeff gave me are the EXACT SIZE of the inset on some of the cupboard doors? I lined them up so at least the bottom edge and one side got the ABC-123 grid numbers for a border. On a couple of wider ones I used a full page and then a strip of “city detail inset” maps to fill the gap. The smaller ones were easily cut down.

I was going to pick places we’ve lived, places I have traveled, but in the end I chose for a nice mix of colors and patterns. If I needed more greens I went to Canada, more blues, the Great Lakes… a little yellow in the deserts…

I need to go to bed and stop for a while. I hope the fabric patch arrives tomorrow. IMG_0447