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Solar Marble Jar Night Light

I have been looking at the solar lit mason jars on Pinterest and wanted to do something interesting as a night light for my little nephew… so I made one and filled it with marbles. It’s cool. I can think of about a million things I want to do next, and next…


At the Holland studio this morning we made dozens and dozens of these seed bombs, with seeds donated by Toledo Grows. We’ll have them in a basket at the Seed Swap this coming weekend!



I made fruit leather and cut it into hearts for the kids… ditto for gelatin fruit juice “jigglers”… tucked in raspberries, almonds and chocolates, bright slices of starfruit, candy hearts with words on them.

I made the kids sandwiches by cookie-cuttering hearts from bread, salami, provolone, sliced turkey… stuffed them with sprouts and poked them shut with an angled toothpick fletched like an arrow.

It’s all packed in tiffin boxes… I forgot to take pictures  until they were all packed away, but here’s Jeff’s top box with healthy sweets… Read the rest of this entry »


My make for today is a tray full of seed bombs. These are a mix of clay and compost, full of seeds. They are intended to be tossed, rolled, or left in ugly places: parking lots growing up in weeds, vacant lots, urban wastelands, ditches and alley cracks.

Making seed bombs

Every package of expired flower seeds I could find went in here. Purple coneflower, cosmos, sunflowers, sweetpea, marigold, morning glory, catnip, thyme, lavender, ragon, chickory, kale

I had to make room in the chest freezer for the drawn comb and stored honey from my hive that didn’t survive winter… so I took out all the fruit I froze last summer: gooseberry, ground cherry, elderberry, concorde grape, red currant, pie cherry, raspberry, blueberry… even threw in a bag of frozen cranberries. I juiced a huge kettle full and made pancake syrup, honey sweetened jam, juice sweetened jam, low sugar jam…  this pic is just the first two batches. I poured some into a blender of applesauce to make fruit leather and made a big pan of gelatin bars for a valentines project you’ll see later ;0) Imageawn

I used H-channel like for trellisses, to build a wooden frame around the heavy shower doors I found. The longest are 73 inches. I put brackets on the corners to stabilize them.

Two of the glass doors were the exact size of some wooden screen doors I had been using for cold frames last winter. I didn't have washers so I used woodchuck and beer caps temporarily.

Make for today: frames for curb harvested shower doors.

These will become a cold frame for the sunny front of my house.