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I cobbled together a quick cold frame in front of my house where the sun comes early… mesclun on the left, bok choi on the right. It’s been below freezing at night but it all looks happy ;0)


It’s not a thing-a-day fail, really… though it’s a post-a-day fail.  I’m making a big, complicated, multifaceted thing, a thing that involves the making of more things, by more hands, in a way that has me loving the dance of work, and rest, and plan, and work some more.

I can’t officially “go public” with my big big big project — the one I go to bed scheming about, wake up excited about, and race home from work to go work on… I can’t crow until it’s official, and appears in print, and that’s a few weeks away. never scoop your own story.

But meanwhile, I am deeply and truly happy.  Here’s a pic of me doing some late night window trim painting in what promises to be a space full of good energy and joyful pursuit.. Jeff took it from outside the window.

The project I am working on involves the phrase “Hands On” — and these are for that.  I’ve made six or seven more since I took this pix. It’s hard to photograph suncatchers on a cloudy day, but these are really fun to make. Klutz squirty bottles full of stuff that looks like bright colored elmer’s glue. You draw a design in black goop on a ziploc bag, let it dry, and then go back and fill in the colors with the other tubes.  My kids are making stuff, too. It’s been a monochromatic march so far and I am ready for some COLOR!

Really, I’m not.  Makes 47, 48 and 49 are on a really big project that will consume a lot of my spring and summer, but I can’t really go public with it yet. Hint: It has to do with restoring a grubby place with amazing potential and lovely surroundings, for use in a joyful and artistic community-focused pursuit.  Trust me.  I’ll post a whole bundle of these when the moment is right.. for now a few cryptic glimpses and no details.  If you’re guessing… shhhh.

I made these with my grown up arty playgroup over the weekend — just finished this one. There is still tissue stuck to the wet clay but I peeled it off so you can see the rabbit.

No picture, but I wish you could smell it. I used the rice cooker, ten grain cereal (which my kids used to call “bird seed”), half a cup of wheat berries, extra flax seeds, raisins, rolled oats, butter, and a quart of gooseberries I canned last summer in apple juice syrup.  I cooked it tonight so everybody can just nuke it on the morning. It’s spring break for one of my 3 teaching gigs, so I’m working on the overlooked domestic projects. I miss cooking/baking!

Connor performed in TSA’s Xzibit Red at the Valentine Theater, and decided that traffic-cone-red hair would be festive.  His friends helped and mom was quite surprised when he walked in.

After a few days he was tired of it, and I was happy to restore him to a darker-if-still-not-natural shade.  I’m grateful that a) he’s a boy and can cut all that off soon, and b) it’s not a tattoo.

Well, mostly done. I want to find those little brass library drawer window-thingies and label which drawers containe liniments and pomades, and which contain remedies and tinctures. And we nneed to resolve the series of boxes and such supporting the trunk… but I got towels to go with the colors of the drawers, and hung them. This trunk was once a steamer trunk for traveling that would stand up on end and become a closet with hangers and drawers upon arrival. In my case it’s a fixture in our retro-steampunky bathroom… I also finished the trim on some woodwork and Jeff put in a copper pipe shower rod. We’re on our way, but taking it one project at a time…

Two days worth in one blog — I had trouble gettign a picture off my phone and had to retake it.

The octopus I bought as a shiny new thing and then antiqued and sanded it… really a remake more than a make.

The plant lights are kind of cobbled from a bookshelf, shop lights and bungee cords. They make me happy.

More tomorrow…

This time Tyler, who wanted to do something interesting for the Xhibit Red performance tomorrow night.