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I should explain that a conversation on the clayart list about studio space inspired me to photograph mine.. especially since I just cleaned it. I finally brought my hanging plant home from the windowless EMU studio and hung it here. It seems happy.

These tall shelves are more like a rack, with boards that can be pulled out with a load of pots. The top is full of other people’s bisque: former students, friends, and unfinished projects. I need to grow the resolve to get rid of them one of these days.


The shelves on the left are covered with thick plastic on the back and have plastic that can be pulled over the front, to make an impromptu drying cuboard (for things with handles or things that need to dry slowly.) Those big boxes up on top are the pots, pots and pots from school that need to be sorted one day — there are twice that many stacked in my EMU studio. I am thinking about renting a storage unit just to put them all out at once and make decisions.. maybe pretend it’s the gallery and install my “show” for a practice run.

The lady next door has an in home day care, so I get to spend warm weather days listening to one of my favorite sounds: children’s voices. Their sandbox is right next to my studio deck, but hidden by a trellis and grapevines, so I get to hear all the in-depth issues discussed by 3, 4 and 5 year olds. It seems like those were my kids’ voices just yesterday…

More tall shelves, these were trash picked — and a short shelf unit that has a plaster wedging board for emergencies. (My good one is under the window but sometimes you need a spare.)

My valentine from my kids is on the door, with pots drawn on it..

This big table used to be in a conference room. It’s heavy and white and easy to wipe down, and it hides all kinds of stuff underneath. The wheel under the right end is plugged in and ready to go, all I have to do is pull it out and then “park” it again when I am done. (My brent is on the deck outside. I’ll post those pics tomorrow when it’s light out.)

One way to make the most of studio space is to stack and stash. Tall shelves are full of glaze chemicals (the small amounts.. big bins are in the garage under the slab roller.) 5 gallon buckets of glaze are under the table (along with a big rubbermaid of clay and a creative industries wheel.) Around the windows are glaze tests on nails, and the light suspended from the ceiling is one of two heat lamps, which can be pulled lower to fast-dry pots.

Those two long louvered windows were salvaged form a remodel at my parents’ cottage. We built the place around the windows. (lol) The sink drain is connected to a buried 50 gallon drum buried in the ground, full of rocks and poked full of drainage holes. The sink faucet is connected to a garden hose that can run from the spigot on the house in the warm weather months.

The rolling bin with the three drawers by the sink holds my drill mixer and my “milkshake” mixer, measuring cups, rubber gloves and dust masks. The net bag on the front of the sink is full of sponges.

Here’s Molly doing her homeschool homework in my newly cleaned studio…

And the peeper frogs are talking, tonight. Now if my darn hens would start laying, it would truly be the season of promise. I am thinking about taking my crock pot ou tthere tomorrow and showing it to them, and having a serious talk about productivity.

So I got a call early this morning from my local post office, asking me to plase come and pick up my bees. What a lovely thing! I spent a warm spring morning on the deck putting new pale beeswax foundation into my wooden frames, while Connor and I worked on his essay, and the bees hummed impatiently in the shade of the patio table.

By afternoon they were snug in their hive. The Nanking bush cherries are blooming today, and the forsythia. The odd red buds are falling off the maples, and dandelions and lawn clover are sure to be next.

I wish I had asked the breeder to mark the queen with a dot.. I never can find them once they are in the hive. But they seem to do fine without me.

I teach my last 101 class tomorrow! Next week I give the final, and that’s that.

This was on a poster from some student show that I brought home from NCECA, but no artist was named.

It’s horrible and oddly fascinating. I can only imagine that some prof challenged the class to make the ugliest thing possible. I don’t think I could do as well as this thing.

Wish I knew who made it.